Hautes-Pyrenées: the Festiv’Agri des JA has filled up in Tuzaguet

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The “Festiv’Agri” of the Young Farmers (JA) of the canton of La Barthe-de-Neste benefited not only from the summer weather but also and above all from a great success yesterday in Tuzaguet.

Proud of their work, the Young Farmers (JA) also want to make it better known to the public. Hence this “Festiv’Agri” festival, the 13th edition of which took place on Sunday in Tuzaguet. Entertainment, sheep shearing, sheepdog demonstrations, plowing competitions, children’s games, pony rides, farmers’ market or exhibition of agricultural tools and of course the unmissable JA meal, which took over as soon as bookings opened, there was something for all tastes on this 6-hectare site made available free of charge to the organizers by Pierre Barrère, cattle rancher from the canton of La Barthe de Neste. Solidarity between JA is not an empty word.

Show a better picture of local agriculture

“It’s a cornfield and with the rainy weather we didn’t believe it too much but it finally got to harvest two weeks ago,” enthused the organizers. Enthusiasm also from the public, numerous since the morning to take advantage of the various activities on offer. “This allows us to show a better image of local agriculture than what the media conveys, calling us polluters while buying our production pollutes much less than bringing products from far away, by boat or plane. We try to work well and we also participate in the maintenance of the territory,” emphasizes Frédéric Salomon, JA farmer in Lortet.

Given the children’s interest in farm animals, the succession is assured.
DDM – Victoria Telek

“In this predominantly rural canton, agriculture is an engine of the local economy. In addition to its nourishing function, it allows us to enhance, beautify and dynamize our territories. Despite this, our professions suffer from a lack of image in the same way as other professional sectors, such as construction and catering, which also encounter serious recruitment difficulties,” says Marine Baumle, project manager at JA. Hence this day of celebration to “raise a priori, also to arouse vocations”. Because JAs know it, “to value your profession, you have to share it”.

“I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the world”

And if at Festiv’Agri the JA seem to preach to the convinced, this kind of event is always an opportunity for exchange with the public, also to encourage vocations. “Yes, it’s hard work but it’s a passion. We’re out every day and we have magnificent landscapes as far as the eye can see that change every day. I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the world, even if they gave me 10,000 euros a month,” she confides.

The JA in the kitchen to guarantee the 4000 meals served at noon.

The JA in the kitchen to guarantee the 4000 meals served at noon.
DDM – Victoria Telek

In the canton of La Barthe-de-Neste there are about twenty JAs, including three new ones, with Guilhaume Latour as president and their dynamic leaves no doubt. “Normally, Festiv’Agri rotates between the 13 cantons every year, but we have a good group and, building on the success of our previous edition here, in 2018, we wanted to organize it again”, explains Frédéric Salomon. The JAs were able to count on the thirty volunteers and the various participants to make this event a new success, offering a great showcase for their profession but also a pleasant and rewarding day for the visitors.

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