Hautes-Pyrénées: Lou Tiny House, small ecological houses “made in” Loubajac

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Nestled in the fields of Loubajac, the Lou Tiny House company continues to seduce a large public, fascinated by these small functional, ecological and local houses.

For seven years now, Lou Tiny House has been a company based in Loubajac, which has been surfing the green wave of this concept of mobile homes from the United States which has the advantage of made-to-measure and, above all, respect for the environment.

On the occasion of the site visit by Daniel Pugès, president of the Chamber of Crafts and Pascal Claverie, elected head of economic development at the CATLP, a guided tour made it possible to discover these real places of residence which can have multiple functions, from the main or secondary residence to a home dedicated to the elderly that their children could install at home, in the garden.

Two years ago, Denis Demaegt took over the reins and is a real enthusiast who presents these small, mobile and comfortable wooden houses to his visitors: “We have many requests from all types of customers. Those who choose the Tiny to make it their main residence are people who have already traveled the path of ecology with force. This allows them to go even further by reducing their impact on nature, a fairly minimalist lifestyle, without depriving themselves of comfort”.

These charming wooden chalets are in fact custom-built for the owners: “It is a real house, in its own right, insulated for the 4 seasons, an excellent solution as regards the “Zero artificialisation of the soil” since we return the land to nature when we decide to change location because we have not cemented the surfaces. It is a lifestyle choice or even a rental investment”.

A one-story Tiny for the elderly

A one-storey Tiny House was invented for the elderly: “The target are rather people who have lost a parent and we offer them a solution, that of installing a Tiny in their own garden. Everyone retains their autonomy”.

Lou Tiny House has clients throughout France but also abroad and the know-how of this team is recognized everywhere thanks to its 9 employees, designers, architects, an entire team dedicated to wooden structures, interior finishes, plumbing and electricity, formed as part of the Compagnons du Devoir. The ecological aspect of the concept also begins with its place of creation: “We are very attached to the environment and our materials are as local as possible, to build in the most ecological way possible”. The company produces about twenty Tiny Houses a year and the visit of elected officials was welcomed: “It’s okay because there is a discrepancy with the zoning rules, there is a lot of confusion depending on the location, the Tiny Houses are not caravans but they are still too similar to them. There are no dedicated regulations”. to tow the trailer, on the other hand, you will need a suitable vehicle such as a 4X4 or a utility vehicle and a BE permit”.

“Zero Waste Company”

Daniel Pugès was delighted with the visit to the factories of the 1st manufacturer in the South-West and 3rd French manufacturer: “It allows us to see what the needs are, about learning, getting to know each other because we are also supportive, especially during the transfer of activities. They have needs, we have solutions and we have to think together. We have in the area, it is also employment for young people who want to stay and work here”. you Company”.

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