Haute-Ariège: a gastronomic book of local producers is born to promote the short circuit

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The gourmet notebook of local Haute-Ariège producers was launched this Thursday 20 July. Its goal: to promote short-circuiting and, therefore, quality consumption.

“We have been working for several years with the Chamber of Agriculture to consolidate activities that aim to maintain and develop a rich, lively and responsible agriculture,” introduces the president of the community of communes of Upper Ariège, Alain Naudy.

Surrounded by producers, but also by the president of the chamber of agriculture, of the department, Philippe Lacube, the latter is very proud to launch, this Thursday July 20, at the town hall of Luzenac, the gastronomic notebook of local producers.

Developed for more than a year in collaboration with voluntary farmers from Haute-Ariège, engaged in the direct sale of their produce on the farm, this booklet will evolve and be enriched over time.

The 6,000 copies already printed will soon be distributed to accommodation establishments, tourist sites and campsites so that visitors and locals can benefit from them. “We hope it will generate more local sales because it is a large clientele all year round and who can come to Unac to get sheep’s cheese or elsewhere to get apple juice,” slips Philippe Lacube.

Promote the settlement of farmers

Honey, beef, mutton, organic vegetables, house drinks or even trout, this guide brings together a multitude of products, with the desire to promote the richness of the area. But that’s not all “Eating fresh, seasonal products without going through an entire food chain is also better remuneration for our producers,” Alain Naudy points out.

Supporting producers is the central point of this little gourmet notebook which also delights Philippe Lacube, because for him it is not a simple communication tool.

“This partnership with Haute-Ariège is part of other partnerships already underway which promote aid to farmers and also their establishment”, specifies the president of the chamber of agriculture, before continuing: “We have installed 27 young farmers in the last five years and we will have to continue this process since 28% of farms are over 57 years old. So this policy is important for the renewal of generations and the transmission of farms. The territory now has almost 2,200 farmers.

But far from being the first in the competition, this guide is inspired in particular by the one already produced for the local producers of Mirepoix.”An initiative that Philippe Lacube intends to duplicate, in collaboration with other municipalities, for distribution throughout the department. “When a person comes on vacation, he tries to consume what is in the whole territory, so I think he will do the little ones, “he slips with a smile on his lips.

An online version of this new guide should be available soon.

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