Halle de Cahors: Goku Sushi closes, a stall is available

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At the Halles de Cahors, the Goku Sushis stand has closed permanently. The stall has remained empty ever since. City Hall just launched a call for buyers. Merchants and residents hope the city will quickly find the shoe that’s right for it.

Goku Sushi is about to close. This stall, located in the Halles de Cahors, is now empty. Only a small sign dominates: “definitive closure for business sale. Thank you for your loyalty and your support – Laetitia”. A surprise for some Japanese food regulars. Like this family, who came looking for something to eat this Saturday afternoon. “Having sushi here was a bit of a tradition. We haven’t been able to come for a while, we were in a hurry. We didn’t expect to see it”, says the mother of the family. It must be said that the closure of the restaurant did not make much noise. The little family leaves, therefore, empty-handed. But she hopes another sushi shop will take over, just so they can resume their ritual.

“It was going well”

Opposite the empty counter is that of the Bodi bakery. “We knew it a few days in advance. They warned us”, confides Nathalie, a sales assistant. And she continues: “if it is detected, all the better. There are so many different businesses here. One business helps attract customers for others.” Indeed, inside Les Halles, you can find everything. Cheese shop, butcher, restaurateur, macaroons, pizzas, cellar, international cuisine… And even a bistro. “People don’t necessarily come to buy from us, but when they pass by, they end up collapsing,” smiles the saleswoman. As for the empty stall, why not another sushi shop? She sees no problem with it. “It worked out well, after all,” says Nathalie.

La Halle de Cahors is looking for a new seller.
DDM Aouregan Texier

Also, this is what the city of Cahors is looking for. The town hall hopes to attract a “Japanese or Portuguese restaurant or innovative business” type shop to join the already full ranks of the Halle. The free stand is 15.30 m2. Interested parties must download the call file from the website and return it no later than Thursday 20 April 2023 at 12.00.

In its announcement, the town hall of Cahors proposes “a place of life, of meetings, where you can obtain the exceptional products of our region”. And this is what attracts many people to Halle. Tourists like regular enthusiasts.

The announcement is available on the website: https://cahorsagglo.fr/decouvrir-les-opportunites. The file can be sent by post or by email upon request to the Service des Droits de Place located at the Town Hall of Cahors, 73, Boulevard Gambetta in Cahors or by email to the following address: [email protected] .

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