Great success of the fair

After a hearty breakfast prepared and provided by voluntary members of associations, parents of students, senior citizens’ clubs, the meridian, the Almont festivities, the Place du Bourg came alive, this morning is the fair. The weather in recent days has allowed farmers to take a break and some to exhibit their animals. Around the machinery and agricultural equipment, the stand of gardeners, flowers and plants, animals, cattle, horses, mingled curious, wise, farmers, gardeners. The cattle competition rewarded breeders in several categories, Aveyron veal, GAEC du Broussier, heifers, cow and calf, GAEC de Monédiès, dairy cows, GAEC du plateau d’Almont, young bull, Charolais cows, Maxime Teulier, bull Charolais, BCAA Palayret.

In the horses were represented the Comtoise breeds of M. Rouquette, Joffre, Solignac, Trayssac and Percheron of M. Sabatier. The trade fair committee would like to thank all the participants, farmers, volunteers, associations, municipal staff, officials and partners, without whom nothing would have been possible.

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