Garonne Plage: “It’s good for those who can’t leave”

the essential
Yesterday afternoon, a few hundred people came to bask on the sands of the Garonne Plage. Laughter and good humor were out.

During this long holiday weekend, many Agenais have reached the Landes coast, rejoicing at finally being able to enjoy the beaches of Mimizan, Biscarosse or Cap-Breton. Mais tout le monde n’a pas eu cette chance et avec les 27 °C qui s’affichaient ce dimanche, les Lot-et-Garonnais restés chez eux étaient bien contents de trouver un coin d’eau pour aller se rafraîchir ou bronzer un little.

Kayaks and pedal boats are very popular

“Our pool being green due to the storms, we decided to test Garonne Plage. I’m pleasantly surprised, it’s quite nice,” this forty-year-old rejoices, in full display of sunscreen. “But I thought there would be more people!” “, She is she surprised her, accompanied by her daughter and her husband.

In total, there were a few hundred who reached the banks of the Garonne yesterday afternoon. Arrived with her two little girls, this lady who we find reading a book also expected to meet more people on Boétienne beach. “We came on Friday for the opening, but there were very few people and the games hadn’t been installed yet,” she explains. And since its installation, the floating inflatable structure has enjoyed great success.

“Families are happy”

The explosive laughter of the children perched on top of the toboggan testify that they are having a good afternoon and that young and old do not seem to miss the waves of the Landes. It’s good that they did it for the summer, ”rejoices a 14-year-old teenager whose mother has just left him.

A little further on the sandy beach, a group of five young men in their twenties prepare to rent kayaks for a short trip on the river. After a reminder of the rules from Shannah and Ninah, the two clerks at the (free) rental of kayaks and paddle boats, the five friends walk towards the water, paddles in hand and life jackets strapped to their waists.

“It’s summer, people are smiling. We try to create a warm bond with them,” says Ninah, who remains uncompromising on safety, however. A whistle rang out just from the side of the guarded bathroom. “Not too far away! she exclaims the lifeguard from the top of her perch. Sheltered by a small parasol, she supervises and checks that bathers do not cross the buoys that delimit the bathing area.

“In general, everyone is respectful. There are some slightly clever interpolations, but overall people listen and are happy. Especially families who can bring their children”, says Ninah. This is precisely the case with this mother, who is waiting for a pedal boat to become free to take a ride on the Garonne. “It’s good for those who can’t leave or don’t have a holiday and want to relax a bit,” he says, with his daughter in his arms. “I can’t wait to go pedaloing,” adds the 3-year-old.

A pleasant setting a stone’s throw from Agen in which to spend a beautiful July afternoon lazing on a deckchair with a book in hand or playing games before embarking on a canoe.

A group of five friends is about to leave for a short 30-minute canoe-kayak trip on the Garonne.
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The activity

The “Water Ball” activity delighted many children who enjoyed the giant inflatable water bubbles.
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Free activities

Wednesday 19th July
From 3.00pm to 6.00pm: pebble decoration workshop (in company for children under 6)

Friday 21st July
From 15.00 to 18.00: introduction to fishing (for everyone from 8 years old)

Sunday 23 July
From 14.00 to 18.00: climbing tower (for everyone from 5 years old)

Wednesday 26th July
From 15:00 to 18:00: plastic arts workshop “giant rainbow fish” (for everyone from 5 years old)

Friday 28 July
From 15:00 to 18:00: juggling workshop (for everyone from 7 years old)

Sunday 30 July
From 2.00pm to 6.00pm: giant wooden games (skittles, strategy for all ages.)

Wednesday 2nd August
From 15.00 to 18.00: DIY workshop and wood construction (for the whole family)

Friday 4th August
From 3.00pm to 6.00pm: water mill creation workshop (in attendance for children under 5)

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