Gaillac: the show “Creating a business” provides all the information to do it

the essential
This Tuesday 23 May, at the performance hall, 27 structures provide their experience and consultancy to project leaders, buyers and business developers.

This Tuesday from 9:00 to 13:00 will be held the seventh Exhibition “Create a business, why not me?”.

Every year it brings together almost thirty structures that support people with business creation or acquisition projects and entrepreneurs for the development of their business. Creations and revivals have been on the rise for three years.

Between 2022 and 2023, the Tarn saw an increase of nearly 5,000 people affected by a creation or logging project.

Today, for the department and the northern part of the Toulouse basin, more than 14,600 people are involved in the creation or development of the company” indicates Martine Mègliaccio who, with Audrey Carlot, Sabine Cayla and Laurence Cazabon, supports the project managers, often looking for work.

“Professionals note that business closures are often related to a manager’s lack of information about financial aid and arrangements they could benefit from in order to continue or grow their business. »

Coming out of isolation

The second handicap is isolation. Most of the registered companies are micro-enterprises. People create their own jobs but being alone every day can make it difficult to do all the tasks of a manager.

“Developing your own network, knowing which service you can turn to, being able to rely on another professional is essential. »

The event will bring together all the structures involved in the life of the company, from its conception to its growth. The Banque de France will make known all the tools it makes available on its website.

Pôle Emploi will be there to help entrepreneurs who need to hire or to help people looking for internships. Tarn initiative and Réseau Entreprendre, Urssaf, the order of chartered accountants, Regate, Creact’Up, Réseau Entreprendre and all the partners will play together and put their skills at the service of the system.

The review “Create a business, why not me”, open to all, aims to be concrete, accessible and concrete. “It intends to give indications to know how to make your project concrete, learn about financial aid, administrative procedures, how to develop your network, etc.”. From the birth of the project to its implementation and development, the Salone intends to provide the most appropriate answers.

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