Foix: Not every resident of Montgailhard likes the campsite’s wine shop

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The wine shop at the Montgailhard campsite, near Foix, is the target of people who don’t seem to want to reopen it. A banner disappeared and an anonymous letter was sent to the club’s managers.

In Montgailhard, some residents do not want the Le Bon Gaillard wine shop to reopen. And they made it known with an anonymous letter and the theft of a banner. Unpleasant facts for the manager – who also runs the Ariège La Roucateille campsite, located in rue du Pradal – and which are surprising, given that the bar has been operating in the summer for two years without causing a scandal in the village.

anonymous letter

The first unfortunate episode took place in the night between 9 and 10 May. To announce the reopening of the Bon Gaillard, a banner had been placed on the roundabout at the entrance to Montgailhard, coming from Foix. On the morning of May 10, the camping team noticed that she had simply disappeared. “Besides stealing a banner, it also represents a cost, because it was big,” says Delphine, the manager. A complaint is then filed.

On the same day, the campsite receives an anonymous letter in its mailbox. The words used shock the manager. “We are clearly attacking the wine shop, let’s say it’s a thirsty bar,” sums up the young woman. As indicated in the letter, these statements were allegedly signed by about thirty families in the town.

What further reinforces the misunderstanding within the campsite team. “When we created the wine shop in 2020, we chose to open it to people outside the campsite as well. This allows us to offer a further range of outings to residents, with a concert, an evening of local products… the population appreciates , they ask us when the bar will reopen”, assures Delphine.

As for the inconvenience that this bar, supported by the campsite, could cause, the manager understands no complaints. “We don’t sell strong alcohol. And we’re mainly an accommodation facility, so we close at 11pm. There’s also a children’s play area”, he adds as proof of the family atmosphere that reigns in his business.

The support of the town hall

Faced with these problems, the camping team informed the mayor. Michel Caux does not hide his support for the business, which employs 14 people. “It’s an advantage for the municipality, an extra animation. I know that sometimes we call them at night to tell them there’s noise. But they close well at 11pm, I’ve noticed it several times. It’s only when the wine shop opens and closes that they have authorization to close later”, explains the elected.

If he can understand that local residents are annoyed by nuisances, Michel Caux does not appreciate the form. “We would have liked the letter not to have been anonymous, especially since I have not received any feedback. We could have tried to find a way to reconcile with the group that sent the email. Especially since the campsite managers are open to discussions. On in several occasions, they have shown that they are ready to solve problems,” complains the mayor.

Due to lack of good weather, Le Bon Gaillard has not been able to open for the time being. The campsite managers hope not to have any more unpleasant surprises and to experience a peaceful third season.

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