Festive welcome for the new pastor of Salvezines

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Last weekend, the dairy of Aurélien Berrocal, a young farmer living in the city, was inaugurated with his 25 milk goats from the Pyrenees.

Aurélien Berrocal, 27, is a young farmer who graduated from the BPREA (Professional Certificate for Farm Manager) after a career change.

Installed in the village since March, it is here that he has found the authenticity and rusticity of a land suitable for his flock, especially the forest land. What drives me above all is respect for the biological rhythm of the animal and production on a reasoned scale. My desire is to remain in the family spirit and I aim for forage autonomy, drawing inspiration in particular from the Cévennes tradition of pruning with trogne (dry leaves) which is completely adapted here in the woods of Boulzane “, says the goatherd.

Aurélien is an active member of the association of purebred goats of the Pyrenees, based in Foix in Ariège, which works to safeguard the breed and develop the resulting quality products. He works in manual milking and his goats are fed exclusively on pasture.

Between work at the dairy, hiking in the woods and the commitments of a farmer, the goatherd conducts his business with discretion and great inspiration.

It is this warm and delicate flavor that is found in Aurélien’s Pyrenean goat milk cheeses. A simple pleasure to be enjoyed without moderation !

On the occasion of the inauguration of his dairy, on Saturday 6 May, a small craft and local producers’ market was organized which, despite the storm, attracted many inhabitants.

The group Les tricks en trucks and the singer Maureen Pichon enlivened the market to the sound of covers of French variety shows and jazz or gypsy tones.

Building on the success of this first craft market, Aurélien is already planning to organize a new summer meeting… Continue.

Meanwhile, he and his goats welcome you to the Boulzane dairy.

Contact: Aurelien Berrocal at 06 46 06 40 06. Tasting and direct sale at the fold.

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