Farmers of local breeds invited to the party

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Casta cows and Castillonese horses were part of the celebration. An initiative aimed at promoting local breeds.

The sheep weren’t the only queens of the festival during the transhumance. Two associations bringing together breeders of Castillonnais horses and caste cows wanted to join the party, organized by the Transhumances en Biros structure.

“We wanted to participate in the event because we are in the cradle of the Castillonnais horse breed,” confirms Fabrice Bourrianne, of the Castillonnais Horses Association. Like the chaste cow, “which is being reintroduced. So let’s try to highlight it. Being part of the event also means showing that in our valleys, if there is no herd, there will be many ferns, the territory will close in, the landscape will change. And then, these types of farming create jobs,” notes Bernard, communications manager of the organizing association.

The beautiful mountains then led the procession and very quickly left the sheep, the pace not being the same. The cows were approached on Thursday and Friday, for logistical reasons and animal relationships. “Cows don’t get along with sheep,” said a member of Transhumances en Biros.

Notably absent, the goats of the Goat Association of the Pyrenees. “They couldn’t come, they were too short of staff. But they will be there for the downhill party because people really like them, they always like this type of animal,” assures Bernard.

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