EXCLUSIVE. 75% of southern Tarnais are in favor of the A69 according to a recent poll

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An Odoxa survey, the results of which we are revealing today, shows that the future motorway between Castres and Toulouse, whose work has just begun, is supported by 75% of the inhabitants of the area.

While opponents have been increasing pressure on the future A69 motorway between Castres and Toulouse for a few weeks now, a survey, the results of which we have obtained, gives the temperature of opinion on this site that has just begun.

This survey conducted by Odoxa from 16 February to 2 March on a sample of 600 people over the age of 18 representative of the population of the municipalities that will be irrigated by the motorway (1), indicates that three quarters of the inhabitants support the construction of the A 69 It must be said that this infrastructure has been required for almost 30 years to allow the road to be opened in the south of the Tarn.

The results of the Odoxa survey on the A69 motorway
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75% of people in the South Tarn find the A69 useful

In detail, 75% of the inhabitants are in favor of the construction of the A69, an infrastructure that 75% of the people questioned by the electoral institute consider useful, in particular to save them time (56%), to improve access to employment (42%) and develop the economy (40%).
The result of this study, commissioned by the Atosca concessionaire, recalls the data of a BVA survey published in 2016 which indicated that 79% of the Tarnais were in favor of this infrastructure.

25-34 year olds are the strongest advocates

In this new survey, the most fervent supporters of the project are the 25-34 year olds in favor of 80%, the self-employed and managers (80%), the inhabitants of the community of the Castres-Mazamet agglomeration (80%) and the people working in the Toulouse conurbation (79%). The “less favorable” still remain mainly for the A69. These are the inhabitants of the community of the municipalities of Sor and Agout geographically closest to Toulouse but who in any case approve the project with 61%. Even the Sud-Tarnais who rarely take the car are 70% in favor. The argument therefore remains largely consensual in public opinion.

96% of the inhabitants appreciate their territory

In this new survey we learn that 96% of the inhabitants appreciate their territory. According to the study, this level of “local happiness” can be explained by access to nature and the quality of life, which satisfy 97% of the inhabitants. Cultural activities (85%), sporting activities (85%), safety (82%) and public transport (80%) are also very popular. But some areas elicit “relative” dissatisfaction according to pollsters, such as the number of jobs (28% dissatisfaction), economic development (20%) and infrastructure (20%). Black spots which would then be corrected by the benefits perceived by the inhabitants of the motorway arrival.

Concessionaire measures overwhelmingly approved

The percentage of approval of the A69 rises to 78% when the interviewees learn about the new developments and the compensatory measures for the environment promised by the concessionaire (the planting of 25 hectares of hedges and trees, the construction of 35 basins for of water resources, adequate solutions for the protection of fauna and flora, the 45 hectares of restored wet meadows and woods, the route optimized to avoid four large ecological zones and the 50 agricultural hectares preserved thanks to barrier-free tolls). Measures approved by 84% to 91%.
Of the ten questions posed by Odoxa pollsters, however, none concerned tolls, which nonetheless remain the main concern of future users of this motorway.

(1) The persons questioned reside in the territory of the Territorial Coherence Scheme (Scot) Pays d’Autan et de Cocagne, which brings together 49 municipalities of the urban community of Castres-Mazamet and the communities of the municipalities of Sor and Agout and Thoré Black Montagna.

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