EDF Hydro supports the development of Ariège

EDF Hydro becomes a partner of the Association for the Development of the Food and Territorial Sectors of Ariège and affirms its commitment to the development of the territory through the Nòu Ariège Pyrénées approach. Since 2012, the DNA of the EDF agency “one river, one territory” has been to promote employment and industrial fabrics in the valleys where EDF Hydro manages dams and hydroelectric plants. “Contributing to the local economic dynamics in Ariège means committing ourselves to being alongside the actors who are advancing our territory. The Nòu brand is a symbol of the local will to work together by highlighting the values ​​that are dear to us as a hydroelectric producer in Ariège, such as the conservation and enhancement of our territory”, declares Renaud Champredonde, development manager at the EDF agency “one river, one territory”.

A renewable energy project in Nòu Ariège Pyrénées?

Today, Nòu extends its notoriety to federate the Ariégeois around a common dynamic for the department. A department rich in its diversity of agri-food, agricultural and artisanal products.

According to the president of ADAFTA, Phillippe Lacube “It is together that we will gain visibility and be able to best support all the economic actors of our territory. We are now thinking of continuing to open the brand by integrating renewable energy projects in the Nòu Ariège Pyrénées”.

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