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During horse rallies, finisher Thomas Pflieger displayed his new saddles. For more than twenty years, this expert horseman has been crafting unique harnesses inspired by the practices of Mongolian horsemen.

Passionate about horses and travel since childhood, Thomas Pflieger made his dream come true by going to Mongolia. Falling in love with the town and its inhabitants, he met knights and craftsmen there. “In the land of Genghis Khan’s knights, galloping across the steppe is always a real pleasure.”
Rich in all his experiences, he returned inspired and created the company “Altaï Saddlery”, to offer specialized saddles for hikers and horse travellers. Because if Thomas Pflieger is first and foremost a horseman, he trained in saddlery to make what he couldn’t find on the market. “They are intended for small, hardy horses and bring comfort to both rider and horse.” He also created a specific tree: the “boisflex tree”. A creation validated by the training of riders practicing galloping.
And he works only with materials from French suppliers: wood, flax fiber, leather and buckles. And these knobs can be custom made. “This custom is made from a cast of the horse’s back. Then, back in the workshop, I make the tree taking into account the length of the horse’s back and its center of gravity”.
Thomas Pflieger is currently working on a new range of saddles with leather quarters, worked in Mongolia. “It will be a range of saddles, saddlebags and accessories for equestrian sports and hiking, with Mongolian ornaments. The artisans of this cavalry people have in fact developed a unique know-how, both for the aesthetics of the decorations and for the quality of the leathers and vegetable tanning”.
He will then work with Myagmar, a Mongolian saddler and saddler, engaging in a solidarity approach in favor of the nomadic herders of Altai. “Our collaboration will also be a commitment for Mongolia, because I will donate 100 euros for each saddle sold to an association in support of nomads”. He will also offer traditional Mongolian saddles, made by craftsmen, “all unique, covered with silverware or deer antlers on the pommel and cantle, with colored paints and skins”.

For more information: 06 46 87 09 69 / www.sellerie-altai.com.

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