Discovering the Matibat estate

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Discover a domain managed in Malepère by independent winegrowers.

South of the Malepère massif, the Matibat estate is one of the pioneers of the young northernmost appellation in Languedoc. “For half a century, my family has been producing wine and selling its wines in this enchanting landscape. It is an opportunity to live in such a lively environment!”explains Laurence Turetti, owner of the Matibat estate.

Historian, specialist in the 19th century and the history of Languedoc wine, she has developed a guided tour of the family vineyard. A short walk to the highest point of the Matibat estate allows you to embrace the vineyard and superb views over the Pyrenees range while addressing environmental issues, grape varieties and cultivation methods. It is a pleasant introduction to the commented tasting in the freshness of the cellar. “These visitsshe says, they are an opportunity for us to showcase our know-how. It is a tandem job with my brother Jean-Claude who ensures the production, from the vineyard to the wine. Visitors, especially in the summer period, have been joining a loyal clientele for years now. They become the new ambassadors of our domain, as well as the wine merchants who distribute it in the region and to restaurants”, adds.

Domaine de Matibat, Saint-Martin de Villereglan Jean-Claude Turetti: 06 85 17 75 09; Lorenzo Turetti: 06 83 97 82 29

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