Discover the 28 new winners of the Tarn participatory budget

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Projects in the fields of ecology, solidarity, culture, sport or even art… The Tarn Department unveiled, on Monday evening, the 28 winners of its second participatory budget.

It brings a good collective momentum. Launched in 2021, the Department’s Participatory Budget unveiled the winners of its second edition on Monday evening. During the presentation of the projects, 159 were presented and 89 were selected throughout the Tarn, in all the cantons and in all categories. These selected projects were put on the ballot for just over a month.

And this year, the population of the Tarn has mobilized strongly as 37,770 votes were cast against 22,000 in the previous edition. 28 projects were therefore designated: one project per canton excluding the cantons of Albi and those of Castres (2 winning projects in the municipality of Albi and 2 in Castres, another 2 in all cantons of Albi 2,3 and 4 and 1 other in cantons Castres 2 and 3), two departmental winners and 3 projects for young people aged 16 to 25.

The principle remains the same as last year, with a total budget of one million euros (or 40,000 euros per canton), of which 100,000 euros this year will be dedicated to youth projects. And unlike last year, each association was only able to submit one project.

“It is a real success, said the president of the Departmental Council Christophe Ramond and Eva Géraud, vice-president in charge of Citizenship. We see that the participatory budget has its place to imagine tomorrow’s Tarn. We are delighted with the involvement of the people of the Tarn, the aim is to build a dynamic Tarn that is suitable for everyone’s needs. »

The winners

Canton Carmaux 1: purchase of a dishwasher (Associazione Amicale Padiessoise).
carmel 2: collective chicken coop for children (Chiken paradise).
Gaillac: sound and lighting system for the cultural bar Cartes sur Table (Cartes sur Table et cie).
Graulhet: sensory spaces for children with disabilities (Amicale Laïque de Graulhet).
Black Mountain: university orchestra (Ensemble musical de Labruguière).
Lavaur-Cocagne: Lavaur cafe repair.
Upper Dadou: playground in Mouzieys-Teulet (school parents’ association).
Pastel: organic agriculture at the service of returning to work (Les jardins de la Landelle).
The two shores: “in the kitchen” comes to you (Artimots).
The highlands of Oc: rehabilitation of railway stops (Camin Castres-Montagne).
The gates of the Tarn: La Fourmilière: places of artistic creation.
Mazzamet 1: city ​​stadium (MJC d’Aiguefonde).
Mazzamet 2: Historical and artistic trail leading to the village of Hautpoul (Toy Haut Bois association).
Plain of Agout: we save water resources for our crops (We protect the environment and rural landscapes of Fréjevillois).
Saint Jury: escape game at the museum (association of friends of the Saut du Tarn museum).
Vineyards and Bastide: eco-responsible event kit (La Locale association).
Albi 2.3 and 4: dog training club (Cabnin-fun club) and removable dance floor (Terssac Events).
Albums: L’estaminot (the short staircase) and building resource center (Verso).
Castles 2 and 3: traveling fablab (Innofab).
castrates: health through sport (Watersports Castres) and tents for Pathfinders (EEDF Castres).

At departmental level: a vehicle to bring relief (departmental association of civil protection of the Tarn) and treat yourself to the circus! (Circ’o Dadou).

Young projects 16-25 years: a minibus for association trips (BCSS81), outdoor sports and leisure area (16-25 from Castelnau-de-Lévis) and Bouge with the Mission Jeunes Tarn Nord.

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