DIRECT. The time has finally come for Occinov’s grand finale: follow the ceremony this Monday 13 February from 7.30pm.

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Occinov’ brings together a selection of 24 companies from our region, already awarded by the Septuors in their departments, and will unveil 8 regional winners this Monday evening in Toulouse. Follow the ceremony live!

The big Occinov’ regional ceremony was one of the highly anticipated highlights of the end of 2022. Postponed to the last moment to allow fans of the French team to cheer the Blues on the night of their semi-final on 14 December, it returns this Monday February 13 at the Cité de Toulouse, located in the former Halles Latécoère, and a new place dedicated to innovative companies from the Occitan region. Occinov’ is the regional final that crowns the big winners of Septuors 2022 in all departments of the region. In this year of strong recovery, a large number of companies have been able to keep up, innovate, develop in new markets or engage in development prospects.

Young companies, VSEs, SMEs, start-ups… we talked about them and the Dépêche du Midi Group and its publications (La Dépêche du Midi, La République des Pyrénées, L’Indépendant, Midi Libre and Center Presse Aveyron) , accompanied by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Occitania Region have taken care to highlight them.

In the columns of our newspapers as well as on the web, this year during the Settets no less than 360 nominated entrepreneurs were awarded and more than 100 winners were awarded. Occinov’ brings together a selection of 24 of these companies and will unveil 8 regional winners in the following categories: Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Agribusiness, Sustainable Development, Industry, Commerce/Crafts & Territories, International and a Special Occitania Region Award. An exceptional evening sponsor in the person of Sébastien Missoffe, CEO of Google France, will accompany the conduct of this regional final and a round table on the digitization of SMEs.

To be followed live from 7.30 pm on Monday 13 February on the websites of the Dépêche du Midi Group.

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