DIRECT. Pension reform: strikes and demonstrations on March 15, two bus depots blocked in Toulouse

Cahors: distribution of leaflets

The demonstrators positioned themselves at the music school roundabout, at the entrance to Cahors. They don’t block traffic but they stop it for the time to distribute some flyers. The goal is to motivate people to come and demonstrate in the afternoon.

Flyers are distributed

Toulouse: bus traffic heavily disrupted

Few buses are running in Toulouse this Wednesday morning. The Tisséo depots in Atlanta and Langlade were blocked for 5 in the morning, not by the company unions, but by the collective “Let’s stop everything Toulouse. No buses can leave. As for the tram, rail traffic is slightly disrupted: frequency 6 minutes between Palais de Justice and Ancely stations and 14 minutes between Ancely and the airport and between Ancely and MEETT Metro lines A and B and the Téléo cable car operate normally.

The exit from two Tisséo bus depots is blocked.

The exit from two Tisséo bus depots is blocked.
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Toulouse: Access to the device stopped

Opponents of the pension reform set fire to the tires at the Rangueil junction on the Toulouse ring road. Entry in the direction of Bordeaux is impossible. Firefighters are on site.

Strike of garbage collectors in Paris: Gérald Darmanin calls for a requisition

As garbage cans pile up on the streets of Paris – more than 7,000 tons of rubbish – Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has instructed Paris police chief Laurent Nunez to ask Paris City Hall to “requisite” the means to evacuate the trash. If the town hall does not respond to the requisition request, “the state will replace itself”, anticipated the interior minister’s entourage.

Do teachers strike during the first final exams?

Teacher unions SNFOLC and Sud Education filed strike notices effective March 20, the start date for the 2023 specialty matriculation exams.

The garbage collectors’ strike continues in Paris

The garbage collectors and cleaners of the Paris City Council, mobilized against the pension reform project, voted yesterday morning to continue the strike “at least until March 20”, during a general meeting at the cremation site in Ivry-sur -Seine (Val-de-Marne).

Fewer transport disruptions?

Strikes are still expected in urban and rail transport, all the unions have asked for a renewable strike at the RATP and the SNCF, but this Wednesday traffic could suffer less disruption. The RATP forecasts disrupted traffic in the Metro, especially on five lines in Paris and “very disrupted” traffic on RER lines A and B. At the SNCF, 3 out of 5 TGVs and 2 out of 5 TERs are expected.

Hello and welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to the March 15 mobilization against the pension reform

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