De Sangosse acquires an exclusive license for pest control

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The Pont-du-Casse De Sangosse company has just entered the capital of Pertinent Éco-Solutions

Already a leader in bio-solutions, the Pont-du-Casse De Sangosse company has just acquired a stake in Pertinent Éco-Solutions and has thus acquired the exclusive European license for its specialties and mites based on natural substances.
Retinent Eco-Solutions is a French company. It has a branch in the United States. Develop new insect control technologies based on plant extracts. Its mission is to replace the use of conventional pesticides with solutions that are at least as effective, but more protective of health and the environment.
We remind you that more than 4 million tons of pesticides are used on the planet every year to remedy the problem of weeds…

For “a healthier and more sustainable planet”

“De Sangosse, explains its managing director Nicolas Fillon, offers [ses] customers alternatives to chemicals for sustainable agricultural production that promotes biodiversity. Our portfolio offers farmers a complete range of biofertilizers, biostimulants, adjuvants, biocontrol and herbal medicines. Our strategy is to invest in innovation. This undeniably brings us closer to Pertinent Éco-Solutions, whose goal is to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable planet”.
“In De Sangosse we have found a reference partner with whom we share the same vision of tomorrow’s agriculture,” says Bruno Jactel, CEO of Pertinent Éco-Solutions. We are very happy with the trust De Sangosse has shown in us”.
Last April, De Sangosse invested for the first time in India – the country has more than 140 million hectares of arable land – to develop bio-solutions for crop protection. De Sangosse is more than ever a flagship of the Lot-et-Garonne economy.

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