Cycle paths parallel to the RN 21 between Agen and Villeneuve-sur-Lot? “Villeneuvois à vélo” launches consultations and ideas

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The association which fights for the development of soft mobility in Villeneuve-sur-Lot and throughout the conurbation invites residents to a consultation seminar this Thursday May 25 at 8.30 pm at the town hall of La Croix-Blanche . A first step for the creation of cycle paths parallel to the RN 21.

He doesn’t want to miss the boat. The Villeneuvois à vélo association, led by its dynamic – and young – president Adrien Chaud, will hold two important meetings at the end of May on the RN 21 dossier. The structure, which brings together fervent activists for the development of soft mobility in the Lot Valley, intends influence the State to put in place the necessary arrangements during or at the end of the works on the national road between Agen and Villeneuve-sur-Lot in the years to come.

The first stage will be held this Thursday May 25 in Croix-Blanche, a town that is seeing the start of work to create a new roundabout on this RN 21. Villeneuvois à vélo turned to the municipality of cruciblanchaise to start consultations on the development of a “soft connection” between the center of the country and the other part of the country, Galimas, until now “cut off” by the national road. The development of the road (which will take place over several years, this part integrating the La Croix-Blanche – Foulayronnes section), involves the construction of an underpass under the future RN 21, reserved for pedestrians and cyclists.

“This underpass opens up the field of possibilities for a gentle and safe connection between Galimas and the town of La Croix-Blanche. But for this, you have to anticipate the access points and think in advance about the pedestrian and cycling layout you want between the two shores of the village,” says Adrien Chaud. To ask the State for quality pedestrian and cycling facilities, with lights, trees, benches, and so that the municipality of La Croix-Blanche can anticipate the work needed to connect this tunnel to the historic centre, the association is organizing a public meeting, a Citizen consultation seminar on the theme “Which pedestrian and cycling connections between Galimas and La Croix-Blanche, at the dawn of the RN 21?” A first workshop this Thursday 25 May at 20:30 at the town hall of the Municipality will allow “to reflect on this axis and work on the requests to be made to the State before the public inquiry phase”. It will bring another one this summer, specifically reserved for children, the “future first adopters of this sweet connection” according to the association.

A “Pays de Serres cycle path”, linking Villeneuve-sur-Lot to Agen

The following day, 26 May, therefore, Villeneuvois à vélo will organize its general assembly and lift the veil on a project that will be talked about: the creation of a “véloroute du Pays de Serres”, between Villeneuve-sur-Lot and Agen . . And this cycle path could “overflow” on the current RN 21, which will have to be downgraded by 2025 following the construction of a new expressway between the Saint-Antoine-de-Ficalaba roundabout and the Monbalen Club 47 desert. “Sin From day one we have been convinced that this work to create a new 2×2 lane parallel to the current RN 21 is a great opportunity to develop the local cycle network” says Adrien Chaud.

Especially since the solicitation work carried out with the DREAL has made it possible to establish “an article 17” in the environmental authorization for the works on the Monbalen niche. “In order for the Monbalen project to benefit not only motorists, but also pedestrians, cyclists and cycle tourists, and thus make this project a real 21st century project, we have been working for several months on the study of a cycle path on the RN 21 degradation, which would be a success in terms of soft mobility”, claims the president of the association. A first 3D draft has been unveiled, which allows you to visualize what the current stretch could look like once the new road has been built. As for the development of this large cycle path, the association does not intend to change gears.

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