Country of Olmes. The “Boost for my business!” device, finally launched

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The Pays d’Olmes community of municipalities has just launched the “Help for my business!” project.

The community of municipalities of the village of Olmes (CCPO) wanted to launch a support system for local traders, to help them carry out their projects in the city centre. Unanimously voted in July 2022, “A boost to my business! » is now officially operational from the meeting organized at the Hôtel d’Entreprises, between elected officials, technicians from the economic development and projects division, traders and project partners. “Our objective is to offer the traders of the Pays d’Olmes the means to carry out their development projects, but also to encourage the settlement of newcomers”, underlines Marc Sanchez, president of the CCPO. “The goal is to strengthen the effectiveness of interventions, publicize existing offers and integrate them with tailor-made support”.
The state also supports the approach, in the context of the “Small cities of tomorrow” programme, as does Occitania in the context of its urban centers policy. “The goal is to go further and faster by networking with partners who will adapt to your demands and needs,” says Lisa Chaplain, project manager for “Small Cities of Tomorrow.” .
And this will be possible thanks to the support with six offers which are “transmission-recovery”, “equip-equip”, “employment-training”, “experimentation”, “new customers” and “digital”. Benoît Combes, head of the economic development and projects division, assures us that “the CCPO and all the partners are working side by side”.
Priority areas of intervention have been defined, corresponding to the urban centers of Lavelanet, Laroque-d’Olmes, Bélesta and Villeneuve-d’Olmes. A paper version of the communication booklet of the device was also distributed, including a page dedicated to the procedure to be followed to request the device. “It’s a new device, a bit unique and experimental in the department, the community of municipalities is the gateway,” insists Marc Sanchez.

Contact: 05 61 04 44 30.

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