Cnes: the Toulouse site wins gold for cycling

The Cnes Spatial Center Toulousain (CST) has just received the Pro-Velo Employer Gold level label. Thierry Levoir, the site scored 46.75 points/59 in this ranking compiled by the French Federation of Bicycle Users (FUB) and supported by Ademe. In recent years, the CST of the National Center for Spatial Studies (Cnes) has multiplied the parking spaces for bicycles (40 shelters for bicycles, a building dedicated to cycling with showers, changing rooms and lockers), has set up monthly bicycle repair workshops and organized awareness and the Sustainable Mobility Package to encourage employees to use a bicycle instead of a car.

Improved productivity

Cnes management has realized that in addition to avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, the use of a bicycle affects the physical and mental well-being of employees. The Toulouse Space Center has seen an improvement in the quality of life at work, an increase in productivity (from 6 to 9%) and a decrease in absenteeism (-15%). Today, the CNES cycling community in Toulouse has 408 members (208 members in 2021). Between 263 and 493 bicycles circulate on the CST website every day.

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