ChatGPT Version Reconquest: When Eric Zemmour’s AI gets in the way

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Reconquest, Eric Zemmour’s party, inaugurates its own artificial intelligence. Called “ChatZ”, in reference to the now famous ChatGPT, this conversational robot still has some flaws…

After ChatGPT, Bard and MidJourney, comes… ChatZ, the artificial intelligence of Eric Zemmour’s camp. It was Samuel Lafont, head of digital issues for Reconquest, the polemicist’s party, who announced the news on Twitter this Wednesday 17 May.

In principle, ChatZ isn’t really an AI like its ChatGPT model: it’s rather a “conversational agent” posing as a “virtual Reconquest activist”. In short, a communication tool to make the party’s ideas better known. But unlike ChatGPT, whose mobile version was announced this Friday, Eric Zemmour’s AI still has some failings…

The Great Substitute, “a conspiracy theory”

Like our colleagues from Numerama and of Publication, ChatZ can’t answer anything other than questions related to Eric Zemmour’s show. Therefore, leaving the debates related to the defense of the rights of LGBTQIA+ people (an “ideological propaganda” for AI) or even the sentences addressed to the polemicist (which are only “unfounded accusations”)… ChatZ can only loop the program of the former presidential candidate.

On the other hand, as noted Publication, the robot’s answers sometimes go against the polemicist’s ideas. Therefore, ChatZ assures that the big understudy – conspiracy theory that Eric Zemmour broadcasts with a vengeance – is indeed…”a conspiracy theory […] based on false claims and having no factual basis”… However, it appears that the Reconquest teams have since made some changes.

La Dépêche du Midi took the test and didn’t get the same answers. Thus, according to the AI, “the concept of major replacement describes the phenomenon of the replacement of the French population by immigrant populations”…

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