Charles Lima gives a new dimension to his images of the Pyrenees with his drone

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Photographer Charles Lima has just qualified as a telepilot. With his drone, he gains altitude, changes his point of view and lets you discover the Hautes-Pyrenees from a new angle.

The mountains are his passion, the Pyrenees his favorite playground. Charles Lima, who our readers know well for his sports images, photographs the mountains, its fauna, its flora from every angle ( He just added a new dimension to his images of him by becoming a telepilot upon completion of his training.
“The drone allows you to completely change your point of view and discover new perspectives,” explains Charles Lima, who insists on compliance with the regulations. The overflight of the territory by a drone is subject to specific regulations.
With his car he flies over areas open to drone flight in the Pyrenees.
His first videos are stunning, showing new angles on lakes, peaks… (

A new dimension for images

Equipped with a high-definition camera, Charles Lima’s drone can take high-definition aerial photography and video. A new approach and a new way to zoom in on the image of the Pyrenees that he loves so much. He is particularly attentive to the animals present so as not to frighten them, especially the birds. “I look before I take off. If the birds come near, I land,” he says.
His cameras, he doesn’t reserve them for the mountains.
Drone flights and aerial photography, Charles Lima has made a new business. “This can affect many sectors where images are needed, such as real estate to present goods for sale, architects to evaluate the work to be done on buildings, construction and public works, municipalities that want to highlight the value of their territories, tourism…” he explains.
From a passion, Charles Lima has made it a profession.

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