Castres-Paris airline under threat: a deputy from the Tarn asks for “an emergency meeting” with the transport minister

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In recent days, Tarn deputy Jean Terlier sent a letter to the minister in charge of transport to alert him to the more than uncertain future of the Castres-Paris air link. He also requested “an emergency appointment”.

Increase in the balance subsidy and degraded service… While negotiations are underway between the joint union of Castres-Mazamet airport and some candidate companies to resume operations for the next 4 years (until May 31, 2027), the The future of this airport, which serves Paris twice a day, is still very uncertain.

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“Currently, two companies have positioned themselves, but in unsatisfactory economic conditions. As a result, the projected operating deficits, supported by the Tarn departmental council, the Castres-Mazamet agglomeration community and the Occitanie /Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, would not be bearable for local actors and would jeopardize the financial equilibrium of these communities”, explained the deputy of the Tarn Jean Terlier, who decided, a few days ago, to write a letter to the minister in charge of Transport, Clément Beaune.

“Urgently avoid closing this airport”

A letter also recalling that this line of territorial development is “essential for the opening up of the southern Tarn. We often mention the Pierre Fabre Laboratories which are daily users of this line for Paris, but there are many avant-garde companies in Castrais such as CGX or IMS Networks that need this connection to Paris. This airport is also vital for the 8th RPIMa, the Parachute Regiment.”

For the deputy, “to urgently avoid the closure of this airport which would not survive the closure of the connection with Paris”, it is essential that the state increases its contribution and allows Castres-Mazamet airport to benefit from a scheme in line with that of similar airports. In this sense, the elected proposes to the minister to “discover the participation of the state”.

“At a time when work is starting on the future A69 motorway, when our territory finally sees the possibility of a real opening, it would be unthinkable to have to explain to our fellow citizens that we have to close Castres-Mazamet airport”, added Jean Terlier in his letter before asking for “an emergency meeting” with Clément Beaune.

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