Cassagnes. Installation of an osteopath –

A young osteopath, Marie Oudin, has just settled in the town of Cassagnes. She settled in a house of character in the woods at a place called Laroque not far from the village. “My husband and I fell in love with this old farm and I decided to move my studio there. Originally from Bergerac in the Dordogne, I felt attracted by the health professions that allowed me to establish contacts with people; I therefore studied in this direction before obtaining my diploma in global osteopathy in Bordeaux. Wanting to broaden my field of expertise, I acquired further knowledge in Paris in different fields: prenatal, newborns, sports care, emergencies. Passionate about my work, I still follow training courses in various fields each year.” Her field of intervention is vast; you range from low back pain to neck pain through back pain, joint, cranial and tissue care. When asked about the reasons that led her to settle in this somewhat remote place, she explains: “After working in the Cahors region, I felt the need for nature and everything related to it: I love gardening and I intend to create a beehive in my garden; firstly, I have already grown plants known for their beekeeping properties. Everything is ready to welcome the bees.” Contact: 07 56 84 16 40 [email protected] Appointments can also be made online on Doctolib. We wish this young lady much success.

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