Carrefour, Intermarché, Auchan… compare the anti-inflation baskets of the main retailers

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Supermarket chains have each launched anti-inflation baskets, to deal with the surge in food products. Here is a comparison of some of these selections.

Faced with rising food prices, distributors are each offering anti-inflation baskets that are supposed to be “at the lowest possible price.” The UFC Que Choisir consumer association looked at the selection of several major brands. Comparative.

Intermarché: an unbalanced basket

The “500 anti-inflation products” that Intermarché has been offering since March 6 in its stores and on its drive-through site depend on “in-store stock availability”. The consumers’ association notes prices “in a very slight drop compared to February”. Furthermore, the list contains only products marked with Intermarché’s own brand. Among these, a selection of spirits (beer, whisky, rum, pastis…) and soft drinks, sweets and cakes, but no fresh fruit and vegetables with the exception of packaged salads.

Carrefour: a basket that is not exactly essential

Since 1 January, Carrefour has presented a list of 139 “basic products at a fixed price”. Indeed, the prices of the food and hygiene products included in it have stabilised. What may surprise you is the selection of products that don’t actually seem essential, such as a recycled plastic hanger, “veil pink” tights, a “compact” hair dryer, in-ear headphones or a CO2 refill capsule. Of the 139 references there is only one type of pasta, 4 of fresh fruit and vegetables – cherry tomatoes, peppers, oranges and lemons – and no offer of rice, oil or mustard.

Auchan: an overpriced basket

Before freezing the prices of products in its anti-inflation basket, Auchan had previously increased them by 2% in early March and by 22% compared to March 2022, according to calculations by UFC Que Choisir. An increase well above inflation on food and hygiene products. Like its competitors, the brand offers references from its own distribution brands. No milk or rice, but lots of pastries, cakes and ready meals: two cans of cassoulet, one of sauerkraut with garnishes, one of sausages with lentils, delicacies, a pizza, Emmental pancakes…

Super U: a basket cheaper than the others

System U offers a list of 150 “cost price” everyday items. An offer that is not always available in all the brand’s stores. The prices displayed are actually down 14% from the previous month, notes UFC Que Choisir. In total, there are 138 food items in the selection, including 8 different spirits, around twenty biscuits, pastries and chocolates… and no fresh fruit and vegetables. Nearly 40% of food products have a D or E nutritional score.

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