Carcassonne. Maryson Tattoo, the story of a passion for tattoos

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After two wins at last week’s tattoo convention, Marine Biart looks back on her journey. A long journey, which began in Quillan, with the feeling of always learning something more about his trade.

Originally from Quillan, at 31, Marine Biart, aka Marynson Tattoo, now has 10 years of tattoo experience. She is passionate about her work, she has been able to listen to her heart by embarking on the world of her dreams. The path has not always been easy for those who have been attracted to this art since childhood. Marine has found her place in the landscape of Carcassonne after years of learning. With numerous internships in various salons such as the Tattoo Studio or Dermagraphic, the young tattoo artist has embarked on a real tour of France. Experiences that have made her who she is today. A recognized artist, with a well-marked style.

Starting in his home village: “I opened my first salon in Quillan, I wanted to start and it ended up being a success”. A notoriety in the Alta Vallée that spread rapidly in the surrounding area; in 2018 he made the decision to settle in Carcassonne. “I had many customers who came from Carcassonne, so I decided to come here. I was under pressure to open my first shop in the city centre. I didn’t know anyone, I was alone”a difficulty Marine overcame brilliantly.

Customers from Aude to Spain via Belgium

“In my job I’m still learning. Every day there are new ways of doing things, new techniques. It’s a constantly evolving job”, says the tattoo artist. Hours and years of learning have allowed him to develop a unique know-how: “I do everything myself, each project is unique, I make designs for each person”. If most of the time he puts projects on paper, he also practices “free hands”: “I happen to draw so directly on the part of the body that clients want to be tattooed. It’s another technique.” Marine Biart defines herself in floral and ornamental style, her penchant for large pieces makes her want to be the best in her field: “I’ve worked a lot on my style and the way I do it. I love big pieces, I could tattoo my clients’ whole body. So I’m still learning every day, I want to try to be the best at what I do.”

Over the years, Marine has built a reputation among the people of Carcasson and beyond: “I feel good in Carcassonne, even if I sometimes go elsewhere. In my eyes, Carcassonne is my favourite. Now I have clients who come from all over the world, Belgium, Spain and others. That’s also what I like about my job. ” A profession he now shares with an apprentice of two years, Alais Oustal. Grateful for the two victories pocketed at the Carcassonne tattoo convention (March 10 and 11) for the best big piece, the tattoo artist continues her journey: “The convention was brilliant, I had worked hard on the color piece presented on Saturday. It’s great to be able to see everyone’s work, there’s a difference between being recognized by a judging panel and by our clients. . I’m very proud. ” For the tattoo artist the adventure does not end here: “I was contacted by Dodie who is on Tattoo Cover, the tattoo star, she’s amazing. It’s still a new experience, I’m taking it one step further.” Another surprise to come, for a story in the tattoo world that isn’t over yet.

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