Bien Vivre Toulouse Center denounces “all terraces”

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The residents’ association Bien Vivre Toulouse Center denounces the municipal policy of “all terraces” which the City Council allegedly conducts and which, according to it, causes a lot of nuisance.

Are there too many terraces in Toulouse? The question was asked in the title of one of our recent articles, after the expansion of the terraces granted by the City on the Place du Capitole.
For the Bien Vivre Toulouse Center (BVTC) association, with 1,037 members, the answer is clear: these residents and their families “who live near the terraces are unfortunately in too favorable a position to witness the consequences of this municipal policy of” all terraces “, estimates the association in a press release sent to our editorial staff.

“Very theoretical rules for the authorization of terraces”

The association reacts, following our recent articles on the terraces of Toulouse
in particular to the answers provided by the municipality to the questions asked by our editorial staff about terraces: “On the very theoretical rules authorizing terraces: the district mayors are not always consulted, the “case-by-case studies” prior to authorizations remain superficial to say the least, pedestrian flows are never really counted, environmental analyzes are most of the time underestimated for lack of impact studies, the number of permanent Covid terraces remains disputed, authorizations arbitrarily deviate from the regulations to respond to such and such a cause, etc. “says the association of the center of Toulouse.

For BVTC, the “all terraces” which it stigmatizes “cause many nuisances of all kinds, such as, for example, the terraces located in place de la Bourse, de la Trinité or Saint-Pierre”.

Non-compliance with regulations
The BVTC association accuses: “Very few establishments comply with the standards”, referring to “sound abuse, overflowing surfaces, menu holders sticking out of the nails, equipment not folded when closed, absence of mandatory cleaning which continues with total impunity given the weak municipal controls”.
“Furthermore, it would also be appropriate to specify that a terrace makes it possible to achieve 70% to 90% of the annual turnover of a bar/restaurant while its cost is amortized in a single day”, add the members of the BVTC office, “the town hall specifies that the annual revenue from the terrace fees brought the city one million euros in 2022; which, perhaps you will agree, could be better valued in relation to the development of the commercial activities desired by our elected officials”.

The Municipality recalls that “compliance with the authorizations is verified by the municipal police” and that “every violation is susceptible to sanctions”.

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