Bears: in Ariège, three new scary orders suspended at the request of One Voice

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While the prefecture of Ariège has multiplied the decrees authorizing the bear scare since the beginning of July, the One Voice association obtained the suspension of three of them on July 19th.

Trench warfare continues between the prefecture of Ariège and the animal rights association One Voice… On 3, 10 and 17 July, the prefecture issued as many decrees authorizing the scare for the pastoral groups of Arreau and Trapech, in Seix and Bordes-Uchentein, as well as for the pastoral association Massat-Le Port.

New: in the hope of preventing any action, these decrees have been taken with an application date the following day and for a very short period of one or two days, explains the One Voice association. Who really didn’t find the time to act for the first two…

From the third published, on the other hand, One Voice filed a summary release on 18 July before the administrative court of Toulouse, a rare action that paves the way for an emergency decision by the administrative judge.

A new decree on July 25th

Set for July 19, the hearing was held in favor of the association. According to the latter, the judge in fact considered that certain conditions were not met which allowed for such derogatory scaring authorizations, concerning in particular the number of attacks on the herds, or the certainty of their imputability to the bear. The prefectural decree of 17 July was therefore suspended, preventing the layoffs planned for the nights of 19 and 20 July.

But the prefecture of Ariège does not stop there. On Tuesday 25 July he published a new decree authorizing bear scaring measures on another mountain pasture, injections which should be carried out in the nights of 26 to 27 July and 27 to 28 July. “We are preparing the counterattack,” announces One Voice in a statement.

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Final note: a fourth summary asking the prefecture to oblige the prefecture to publish its decrees “within an acceptable time” was rejected by the administrative court.

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