Bastibus: 5,694 passengers in one month

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The Bastibus finds its cruising speed over the months. She will soon be one year old.

Several months after its deployment, the Bastibus is increasingly popular with the residents of Villefranche. Last March attendance even reached a record with 5,694 passengers. The municipality is therefore planning adjustments and modifications on the three lines made available by the summer. For this reason it relies on various frequency studies, carried out during the first 10 months of use.

139 people a day

In the first six months, 23,380 “ascents” were referenced, or an average of 139 people per day and eight passengers per shift. Line 1 is logically the most used. “The study of the delays leads to the conclusion that an adjustment of the times between stops is necessary,” emphasizes the municipality. “Delays between one and five minutes are frequent, the new crossing times should improve the situation. The goal is to aim for maximum reliability”.

Activated in June 2022, the Bastitbus offers free mobility in the city. From 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, you can now travel on three designated lines. Line 1 (blue) serves the hospital, the Madeleine, the Gravasses, Aqualudis, and the stadium, the Sainte-Claire retirement home, the bastide, the Fontanges square, Treize-Pierres, the Tricot and Penevayres. Line 2 (red) serves the Bosquet, the hospital, the Croatians, the gendarmerie, Rulhe and the bastide five times a day. Line 3 (green), serves the bastide morning and evening, Penevayre, avenue de Toulouse, Treize-Pierres, the road to Montauban, Laurière, Beauregard and Sainte-Claire.

The bus is equipped for people with disabilities: a dedicated place for wheelchairs, an access ramp, a voice system for the visually impaired and blind. This BastiBus should not weigh on the municipality’s budget. Indeed, it is financed by the Mobility Payment. A levy that affects employers in the public and private sectors employing more than 10 employees.

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