Back to normal after a power outage in Castres which paralyzed part of the town centre

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An electric transformer located on Place Sainte-Claire in Castres was damaged following an accident that occurred in the night between Monday 13 March and Tuesday 14 March around 1 am. Several homes and businesses were deprived of electricity before the return to normal this Tuesday at 17:30 thanks to the intervention of Enedis. We tell you more.

When the storm and an electrical transformer strike, it’s an entire downtown Castres neighborhood in trouble. This Tuesday March 14, on the side of the Miredames quay, rue Fuziès and part of rue Villegoudou, several houses and businesses were deprived of electricity, after a lightning strike, then the accident of a transformer, place Sainte-Clear .

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In fact, Enedis, who “apologies for the inconvenience caused”, confirmed that in the night between Monday and Tuesday, at 1:20, “an incident occurred on an HTA cell of the HTA/BT distribution station located in rue Sainte- Claire, depriving a hundred customers of electricity, including businesses”.

“It’s a wasted day for me”

This Tuesday until 5 pm the Enedis technicians therefore intervened to solve the problem. Right in front of the damaged transformer, when questioned, Marie-Christine Alary, the head of the Fram agency, struggled to hide her anger: “When I arrived in the morning, everything was working and without warning me, when I was next door, they pulled the plug . I had the computers on! They could have warned me anyway. It started again around 2.15pm and they did the same thing to me! Wasted day for me, I deal with everything by phone and email…”

Closed on Tuesdays, Davy and Edwige’s Amelie Mélo restaurant still required the intervention of its two owners. Warned, the chef went back and forth several times to save some of his goods in the refrigerators, which had lost energy. A precautionary measure to avoid any risk. Reopening of the restaurant, as if nothing had happened.

The current goes out, lunch at the restaurant too

The Venice restaurant was unable to open at lunchtime, while the cinema had to cancel two screenings. In fact, on the doors of the establishment, spectators were able to discover this message posted by the management: “After last night’s storms, we no longer have electricity. The outage should be fixed for the 6pm sessions. Thanks for your understanding. »

A few steps away, Gaëtan Guido, the owner of the Miredames hotel-bar, is serene: “The night before we experienced fluctuations in the rooms with lights going off and on again. The next morning, 3/4 of the hotel was in darkness. We have an inverter so we didn’t waste food. We had no one to transfer. »

Eventually the Enedis teams had to replace the transformer, which turned out to be faulty. A return to service was possible around 5.30pm.

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