Aviation companies offer 3,000 vacancies at Ernest-Wallon Stadium

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A job fair dedicated to aeronautics will be held on March 14 at the Ernest-Wallon stadium. More than 3,000 vacancies are to be filled and several hundred more are open for vocational training.

Spurred by the recovery in air traffic, the aeronautics and space sector is recruiting loudly. Airbus plans to hire 3,500 people in France this year, Thales 5,500 in its three business sectors, including aerospace, Safran 4,500 and Dassault around 1,000. It is in this favorable context that Synergie is organizing a major job fair on March 14 at the Ernest Wallon stadium. The first independent French group in human resources, partner of the Stade Toulousain, has brought together more than 60 aerospace companies eager to strengthen their workforce. The main contractors mentioned above will be present, but also the main equipment manufacturers such as Liebherr-Aerospace, Mecachrome and Latécoère. Daher will also be there. The Tarbes-based aircraft manufacturer has significant needs, it intends to hire 1,100 people in 2023.

3,000 tenders offered in the Toulouse Basin

“This will be our 10th edition in Toulouse, and we have rarely had such a dense offer, we are talking about 3,000 vacancies. These hiring volumes are very substantial and require us to be proactive in terms of solutions” specifies Thierry Abad, Operations Director of Synergie. In addition to these offers, several hundred professionalisation contracts with key integration within one of the companies present will also be offered.

3,000 offers are to be filled this year as part of the show

The sector is looking for very diversified profiles. There is obviously a significant need for ‘workers’ such as mechanics, electricians, fitters, turners, boilermakers, etc. But beyond the manufacturing professions, the sector also seeks to recruit quality inspectors, aircraft engineers, buyers and even accountants.

The companies present will offer all types of contracts: temporary, work-study, CDD and obviously the coveted CDI. For Thierry Abad, all job seekers are welcome. “Specific profiles are not sought. There is a need both for people who have no skills in this sector of activity but who wish to integrate it, and for people who already have qualifications, young or old, and who want to position themselves. »

Practical information

The Synergie Aéro show will take place on March 14 from 9:00 to 17:00 at the Ernest-Wallon stadium, at 114 rue des Troènes in the Sept-Deniers district of Toulouse. If you can go there without prior procedure, it is still strongly recommended to pre-register to limit the wait at the entrance. Don’t forget to bring your resume. Once there, you will be referred based on your career aspirations to the appropriate recruiters. This will then be an opportunity to meet them before scheduling a more conventional interview.

Please note that two round tables will be organized on site from 11 am. One will focus on the role of women in the aviation industry, particularly in the technical professions. The other will concern the opening of this sector to young people from priority neighbourhoods. “The component of vocational training in terms of inclusion is a facilitating and attractive component. We must try to interest as many people as possible in these professions” summarizes the director of operations of Synergie. These roundtables will be led by HR managers, representatives of associations and industry professionals. The appointment is fixed.

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