Automotive: Electric vehicle sales overtook diesel in Europe in June

(AFP) – Electric cars overtook diesel in June for the first time in new car sales in Europe, the manufacturers’ association (ACEA) announced on Wednesday.

With 158,000 vehicles sold, EVs have grown from 10.7 to 15.1 percent market share in one year. They exploded particularly in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium.

This increase is driven in particular by Tesla, which has cut prices: one in five electric vehicles sold in Europe in the first half of the year bears a capital T.

Diesel continues to decline despite jumps in Germany and central Europe, and now accounts for 13.4% of sales.

Hybrid cars have also made strong progress and represent 24.3% of the market, led by Germany, France and Italy.

Separately, sales of plug-in hybrids (that can be plugged into an outlet or terminal) have been declining for a year, with 7.9% of the market.

However, petrol remains the main energy in the EU with 36.3% of sales in June, up 11%, as the overall market rebounded.

More broadly, new car sales rebounded in Europe in the first half, up 17.9% in one year.

With 5.4 million cars sold, however, the market remains 21% lower than in the first half of 2019, the last year of all records before Covid.

“The performance of the last few months demonstrates that the European automotive industry is recovering from the logistical problems caused by the pandemic”, underlines Acea in a press release.

The European car market has started to grow sustainably again since August 2022, when the Covid crisis, combined with a shortage of parts, including crucial electronic components, had dealt it a severe blow.

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