At the Cahors campsite, the month of July has started full throttle, which bodes well for the summer

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What could be more beautiful than a campsite for holidays? That of the Rivière de Cabessut in Cahors tells the story of the start of the season. Some holidaymakers have even agreed to give their impressions.

Summer holidays, everyone loves. Whether it’s for tourism, relaxation or fun, there’s something for all tastes… But before leaving, you have to choose where and how to spend your holidays. Some have opted for Cahors and its 3-star campsite, Camping Rivière de Cabessut.

For camping everything is fine…

They are all smiles but a little in a hurry, the summer activity obliges, which the director of the campsite, Frédéric Costes, tells of this start of the season. “This year, bookings are timid but passing tourists help to fill and even out towards similar attendances to previous years”. However, activity is not as intense as it was before the Covid years, Frédéric Costes points out, and explains why: “The current context continues to weigh on tourism, even if for holidaymakers the covid is forgotten. But with the economic difficulties, the numerous strikes and riots since the beginning of the year in France, and the impacts of climate change, it is difficult to go on holiday. There are other concerns that take precedence and it is normal”. As for the clientele, there are the French, but not only: there are also European tourists. “For this first half of July there were mostly Belgian, Dutch and English holidaymakers,” the director points out.

…And for campers it’s even better!

For holidaymakers, the general opinion is clear: this campsite is fantastic! Two campers from the Gers praise the staff and the cleanliness of the site: “We are very happy. The owner is very friendly, the staff attentive. And above all, everything is perfect, the equipment is in good condition, everything is well maintained, even the toilets are surprisingly clean.”

They have also decided to extend their vacation. “At first we were supposed to leave earlier, but we canceled to stay an extra day, and then finally added a few more days. That’s how good we feel here!”

A regular at the Hauts-de-Seine campsite, visiting Cahors to see his family, admits that this is his third year here: “Everything is always very good. The city is pleasant and I appreciate the calm of the campsite.”

Two other holidaymakers, Carole and Armel, from Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, confirm the general opinion. “We found this campsite a bit by chance, as we wanted a place not too far from Toulouse. We really appreciate the calm. It changes us because we are used to campsites with noisy entertainment all day long. There is nobody here, but the facilities and activities available mean that it doesn’t feel empty. Cleanliness is also a strong point. The only downside for us is that we don’t have a vehicle so joining the entertainment in the center in the evening is a bit tricky, but that doesn’t detract from the charm of the campsite. There is it’s also real value for money.”

The season promises to be active for the teams at Camping Rivière de Cabessut, but calm and pleasant for holidaymakers.

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