Association of merchants and craftsmen: the Résô-Prô becomes Lavaur j’adore

the essential
The Résô-Prô association, to avoid confusion with the Bistrô-Résô, has adopted a new name which also reflects a new impetus.

The goal set by the association of traders, artisans and professionals is simple: to revitalize the city and the 81,500, i.e. the municipalities that share the same zip code.

Internet searches for Résô-Prô up until then yielded a chain of home improvement stores. This will no longer be the case with Lavaur j’adore. But the small revolution in the association is not limited to the change of name. “We are also completely changing the form of governance. There is no longer a president, secretary and treasurer but a real collective government. There are 15 of us on the board of directors, there is one vote per person. There is no longer an official manager but a legal manager per event,” explains Matthieu Guischet, member of the collective governance.

Fifty members

As far as governance is concerned, various poles have been organized to avoid running out of volunteers: relations with institutions, administration and treasury, communication, events. “We are four or five per group, everyone can work according to their availability. You can join a center without being on the board of directors. We also want to open up to local residents so they can bring their feelings and wishes for their neighbourhood,” Matthieu Guischet underlines.

Thus, the change of name of the association, which today has about fifty members, is synonymous with a new beginning. During the evening of the Spanish Inn on July 6, the participants voted for the name they preferred among a square of heads in order to have a broad consensus.

Having the name of the capital of the Pays de Cocagne in the name of the association should not be an obstacle to development in the surrounding municipalities: “The comment has already been made to us, we are looking for a slogan that adds something to show that we are working on all 81,500. We are currently thinking about it, as well as a logo”, confides Matthieu Guischet.

New perspective animations

Throughout the year, the city beats to the rhythm of the activities of the association which works in concert with other Vaurese associations.

The festival committee, the Lavaur initiative or the agricultural exhibition are therefore an integral part of the activities of Lavaur j’adore. “The goal of the game is to federate to bring more dynamism to the city and to Vrais” specifies Matthieu Guischet.

There are of course the Christmas activities but also the garage sales in the early summer. The latter, despite being organized in just over a month, was still a success. The idea will also be to allow each neighborhood to offer activities according to their specificities, the association will then play the role of facilitator in the process without imposing anything. Note the arrival of an urban gathering in September. The organization of a bingo is also under consideration.

Far from relying on its results, the association intends to continue but also to develop activities and actions. So think of a new way to make known the craftsmen who do not have a window. The latter should also experience a special animation on the occasion of the Rugby World Cup.

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