Ascension Bridge: Bison Futé announces a Black Sunday in the direction of returns

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The Ascension bridge has made the French want to spend a weekend. For this Sunday, May 21, Bison Futé warns: the roads will be busy in the direction of return all day and in all regions.

The four-day weekend drew crowds to roads across France. While Wednesday and Thursday had been classified as red in the direction of departures, Sunday is a black wave over all of France. Traffic will be “extremely difficult” in all regions. Bison Futé believes Sunday could be the “busiest day of the year.”

Screenshot of Bison Futé’s detailed forecast

Highways to avoid

To escape the lengthening traffic jams the best way is to go back. If it really is impossible to take the road on Saturday May 20 or Monday May 22 or any other day, Bison Futé recommends reaching or crossing “Ile-de-France and large cities before 12:00”. Many Ile-de-France residents hit the road, returns to Paris will be particularly congested.

The site also indicates several roads to avoid: A13, A11, N165, A10, A7, A9, A61 and the Mont Blanc tunnel between Italy and France.

From ud83dudd34 in the direction of departures on Wednesday and Thursday and from u26ab in the direction of returns this Sunday. On this busy weekend second @BisonFute_MTtake a break every 2 hours and stop at the first signs of tiredness to take a micro nap?

— Road Safety (@RoutePlusSure) May 17, 2023

A highly prized southwesterly and therefore bottled

Many holiday makers have been drawn to the South West which will make traffic difficult on Sunday. For the highway, between Bordeaux and Paris, the road will be less busy before 11am and after midnight. As for the A61, from Narbonne to Toulouse, Bison Futé also estimates traffic peaks between 11am and midnight. If you alighted in Spain, the A9 from Spain to Orange between 16:00 and 19:00 will be very busy. Between Montpellier and Orange the traffic will be continuous, to be avoided from 9am to 11pm according to Bison Futé.

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