Ariège: Secours populaire is looking for host families for its “Holidays for all” campaign

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The Secours populaire is preparing to launch its “holidays for all” campaign. The association is therefore looking for a dozen host families to welcome the children in Ariège.

As every year since 1979, the Secours populaire deals with “forgotten holidays”. Therefore, the association mobilizes through different devices: the days of forgotten holidays (JOV) and the “holidays for all” operation.

An exchange between departments

“This year, the big news is that we have the possibility of sending young children from Ariège to the Orne department with whom we are doing an exchange. We already know that five children want to come to Ariège this summer, and the volunteers of i Secours populaire de l’Orne are looking for families who can welcome our little inhabitants of Ariège”, explains Françoise Delcol, volunteer and manager of the holiday campaign.

For several years now, the association has welcomed children aged 8 to 12 from other departments every summer for two weeks: “Back then we welcomed children from Essonne and now they are children from Orne. For 15 days the children are dependent on the family, they live with them and are, so to speak, part of the family.”

Thus, the Secours populaire de l’Ariège is looking for a dozen families ready to welcome a child this summer: “The demand is strong, many children want to come and we hope to be able to welcome everyone”.

This summer, the association will also send several children aged 12 to 14 to a summer camp in the Hautes-Pyrénées in Gèdres. Also, the traditional “day of happiness” is perfected and promises to be exotic.

Finally, as every year in Gruissan, the emblematic JOV (day of forgotten holidays) will take place: “Every year we take the children and their families to the sea for a day, and this year, given the extraordinary number of new people welcomed , we will have to ask for additional buses”.

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