Ariège: “it’s hell”, service stations face supply problems

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The blockade of the refineries continues and the Ariège does not spare itself. In recent days, supplies have become scarce and cause for concern. For gas stations and customers, it’s every day.

The fuel shortage of last October seems to be galloping back. Due to the many strikes in recent days and weeks, the service stations in Ariège are facing supply difficulties.

“In October, there were more requests than offers. This time it is related to the challenges to the pension reform, deposits are blocked,” explains Damien of the TotalEnergies station in Foix, which could be replenished during the day this Friday, March 24th.

Some service stations are requisitioned and reserved for priority vehicles (emergency vehicles in particular), as announced in a prefectural order on Wednesday 22 March. A new provision that will come into force from 8:00 to 10:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00. The stations concerned are: Carrefour Contact in Bélesta, Defa in Saint-Girons, Intermarché in Saverdun and Pamiers (la Cavalerie and la Bouriette), Leclerc in Foix and Elan in Saint-Jean-de-Verges.

“It’s hell. Everyone complains. We are part of the requisitioned stations, we have to adapt but it is not always easy”, we add in the Elan station of Saint-Jean-de-Yards, recalling the difficult period experienced in October . “We remain in the dark. For the moment, it’s day-to-day. We can’t predict anything,” assures Karine d’Esso in Tarascon-sur-Ariège.

The prefecture limits the sale of fuel

In addition to commandeering some stations for priority vehicles, the prefecture now regulates the sale of fuel. “The volume of sales and purchases of fuel in the Ariège department is limited to 30 liters for light vehicles and 120 liters for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes”, specifies the prefecture.

The removal and sale of fuel in any portable container (cans, cans, flasks, etc.) is also prohibited except as necessary, duly justified by the customer and verified with the assistance of the police or gendarmerie.

This measure applies “until further notice” to the department.

“Once at the Pump, What a Pleasure”

Residents of Ariège therefore have to adapt and wait a little longer than usual at petrol pumps. In Foix, the queues were long in the early afternoon of this Friday. “I have no choice, tomorrow the young people are leaving for a trip,” says a member of the French Canoe-Kayaking Federation (FFCK) Ariège with some relief.

Relief also for Sophie, whose tank sounded almost empty: “I tried it, I think I had a little luck. Let’s wait a little longer but once at the pump, what a pleasure”, she exclaims with a broad smile.

The situation remains unclear for the future. Impossible, for the moment, to know its evolution. “It will take at least several days for the situation to return to normal,” concluded Damien.

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