“Apéro job”: what is the new formula of the job interview imagined in Villeneuve-sur-Lot?

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All back-to-work organizations compete in ingenuity to bring together candidates and recruiters. The Local Mission innovates with an “Apéro job” open to all on June 7th.

How to bring together job seekers and recruiters? There are many solutions: fairs, formal appointments, personal initiatives … Virginie Le Corre-Steinbac, Director of the Local Mission of the Villeneuvois Country, and her teams.

“We wanted to create an original concept to bring together these different audiences. In 2018 and 2019, we had already launched this type of atypical learning meetings, in places other than the usually dedicated ones. So, we thought and looked at what could happen elsewhere, in larger cities and we came up with the idea of ​​an “Apéro job”, far from the appointment jobs that exist and that we continue to organize or at fairs.

“It’s open to everyone and you don’t need a CV”

The basic idea for the Local Mission teams and its partners in launching this new formula is “to break the codes, get out of the conventional interviews. People must be able to meet without the stress of an appointment. you formalize yourself with a CV Dating always very By having this aperitif on the terrace of two establishments on boulevard Georges-Leygues, Le Tortoni and La Table des Barriques, you find yourself in a different, less formal environment.And above all, there is no need for a CV or an appointment to come in. A person who passes in front and who perhaps had no intention of stopping may also come. He has realized over the years that many recruiters do not always want to rely on their CVs to meet a candidate. consideration by recruiters. And it is true that when you are young you do not necessarily have a very complete CV. Not having this document can allow the various recruiters to better judge the personality of the job seeker”.

For now, many companies have registered to participate in the operation. “Commerce, health and personal care, agri-food, construction, administration… Companies can come up to the last minute. In this type of format, non-formal and limited in time, the operation takes place from 6 to 8:30 pm pm, can also allow SMEs to come, without any scheduling problems. When you are at the fair, you are mobilized all day. There are only a few hours. From seasonal jobs to permanent contracts, each of them can offer many positions, with varying degrees of qualification. But most of the positions are accessible to as many people as possible. In addition to its missions (see box), the Local Mission also has the role of bringing together different audiences, to be a facilitator of these meetings. And to conclude the aperitif, we are organizing a concert of young talents from Villeneuvois. For the moment we have a young man enrolled in the Local Mission and a group of Fumel. But there is still room for those who want it”.

A great initiative, a new format for recruiters and candidates to meet in a different context.

The Local Mission: the headquarters for 16-25 year olds

The actions of the Local Mission of the Pays Villeneuvois are multiple and cover many needs of young people aged 16 to 25, who do not attend school or students.

Orientation. Everyone on site can benefit from numerous advice on guidance or even validate their professional project, but also carry out an orientation or skills assessment. It is also possible to discover a profession or sector through company immersions, participate in career guidance forums or fairs or even carry out guidance workshops. There is also a space for documentary resources.

Training. The task of the consultants is also to find a training course, validate a training project, get details on an attractive training course, obtain information on financing a training course.

Occupation. You can also find offers (CDD, CDI, apprenticeship, professional contract, civil service…), carry out internships (PMSMP), update or create your CV, train for job interviews, get information about contracts, be sponsored by a professional or by visiting companies and participating in forums.

Health. An important area when looking for an internship, training or employment. On site, it is possible to find a place to listen (Point Relais Santé), access social security, discuss health problems, participate in prevention activities, be directed to health professionals, benefit from a free health check-up or training first aid.

“Work as an aperitif”. Wednesday 7 June from 18:00 to 20:30 on the terrace of the bars on boulevard Georges-Leygues, Le Tortoni and La Table des Barriques.
More information on 05 53 40 06 02.

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