Amazement among traders in a commercial area in Mazamet after the triple attack on the Orange shop

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Manager beaten up, car battered, doors smashed… In just a few weeks, the Orange telephony shop in Mazamet was the victim of three thefts. Thefts that have left traces among the traders in the Molière area, who worriedly report a “hardness” and wonder about the sequence of events. Report.

Orange has been seeing red for a few days in Mazamet, after the third attack in six weeks on a specialist telephone shop located in the Molière area. Wooden planks fixed to the entrance, curtains lowered, patched plot… Shop that still bears the signs of the theft committed by the criminals in the night between Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th May.

That night, around 4 in the morning, after sawing through an iron post, they broke through the facade of the building with the help of a ram car that completely broke through the metal curtain at the entrance to the store.

“We definitely ask ourselves questions”

“It’s really impressive what they’ve done!” says Olivier Salles, the butcher who is a stone’s throw from the Orange store. “It’s not a simple theft done by amateurs. I think they were equipped like this for sure, it’s a bit scary”, adds the merchant, in the end more “surprised” than worried about his shop “which is not the target of thieves, unless they want my chicken or my beef ribs…”. “We all certainly ask ourselves questions, it’s a challenge, we ask ourselves why this shop more than another. For them it is dramatic and it must be traumatic for the staff. The shop had just reopened, however…”, adds the butcher.

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“It’s relentless. Here during the day it circulates but at night there isn’t a cat! So it doesn’t surprise me that the area is conducive to theft, but there anyway, it’s three times that!”, says Eric Vignes, manager of the Appliance Store and multimedia Pro & Cie. For the security of its trade, the latter is also not too concerned. “The phone fits in your pocket, it’s practical and sells well. In my house, what do you want them to do with TVs, pots and washing machines?! … We have alarms, cameras, we can’t do anything more,” he adds.

“We wonder when our turn will come!”

“Why Orange and not SFR?” In reality, this question is on everyone’s lips, not only the traders but also the residents. In this regard, the concerned principal intervened: “Who knows when our turn will come! When it strikes 3 times 50 meters from home and in three different ways, we keep repeating to ourselves that it is strange that we have not yet gone to the frying pan”. … So let’s be more careful, that’s all”, confides the manager of the SFR store in the Molière area.

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For its part, Orange has set up a psychological unit “to best support employees for as long as necessary”. The company has also filed a complaint and is working closely with law enforcement. A police investigation has been opened and the shop is closed until further notice. “Pending its reopening, Orange customers can go to the Castres store,” officials said.

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