Allyve wants to train the world of work for inclusion

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Backed by Toulouse-based recruitment firm Fellinks, Allyve trains on the challenges of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Already opening his event-based recruitment firm Fellinks in 2016 in Toulouse, Vincent Furlan intended to “break the codes”. He continues his momentum by joining forces earlier this year with Alice Nieto-Mazet, founder of Allyve, a training organization specializing in diversity, equity and inclusion. Convinced that this self-work by companies influences their image, the level of employee involvement and allows them to attract talent. “We have a lot of diversity in France, we see it on the street but we don’t find it in the company, underlines Alice Nieto-Mazet, coach and trainer. We tend to recruit people who look like us because we have unconscious biases. Her training courses therefore address cultural, physical and generational diversities… And how to manage them.

For large groups and SMEs

Among the most requested sessions: prevent and act against all forms of violence, harassment and discrimination. Since guaranteeing the safety and health of workers is a legal obligation for the employer, solutions are suggested, such as an internal contact person and a circuit for the treatment of reported facts. Another aspect: the inclusion of LGBT + people, disabled employees, etc.

With their multidisciplinary team that includes, among others, a lawyer, a communications officer, a coach, a former marketing director, Alice Nieto-Mazet and Vincent Furlan offer corporate sessions and training courses to which employees register individually ( often in their offices on Boulevard de Strasbourg). Allyve works with SMEs and large groups. The partners are targeting around ten customers by the end of the year for an expected turnover of 150,000 euros.

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