Alliat. Projects around locavorism are multiplying

It’s in the air! Having access to better food and advice on how to eat well are objectives pursued by several departmental projects.
Locally, in December 2020, Anne Maufret, a resident of the village of Alliat, launched the “Locavor des vallées”, an association whose main objective is to promote access to local and artisanal products in the Tarasconnais sector and the Upper Ariège, some with the label “Valeur Parc”. With the aim also of establishing a link between consumers and producers.
During the last edition of the Tarascon fair, the associative structure, rich in 23 local producers (vegetables, fruit, live bread, dairy products, meat, fish), had a stand. A distribution of baskets should be organized very early every fortnight in the gardens of Sabart, from 17.30 to 19.00*.
At the same time, a recycling project based on recovery on the one hand and know-how sharing on the other, is currently being carried out by Majorie de Saint Ignan.

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