Albi: everyone is mobilizing to save the Chevillot factory

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After the violent fire that devastated part of the Chevillot factory purchased by the MSD Animal Health group on Friday evening, the question arises about the future of this site. Public authorities are mobilizing to find a quick solution.

It is not on the agenda today to establish partial unemployment. This is confirmed by Jean-Jacques Destoumieux, director of the Chevillot company, specialized in marking and animal health. On Friday around 21:30 a violent fire broke out in the buildings of the factory, located in the Renaudié district in Albi. It took more than 80 firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

The important thing is the reorganization of the site

On this Monday, the signs are there. But after the excitement, the company is already looking for solutions to restart production, while the smell of smoke is still prevalent.
“This morning we gathered all the employees to take stock of the reorganization of the site. We have to do it as soon as possible. The fact remains that the damage is considerable and could affect the investments of 3.5 million euros by the new owner MSD Animal Health, which did not respond to our requests for clarification.
“At the moment we are visiting the buildings. I know that everyone in the company works to find the right solution”, says the manager.

Stunned employees

The good news is that the production tool was rescued by firefighters. More problematic, the computer room that handles orders was affected by the fire and four million euros worth of products went up in smoke. So much for the industrial balance which could have been much more dramatic. On the part of the union representatives of the CGT, we did not want to communicate. They are all amazed at the scale of the disaster. It was not yet the time for words.

The agglomeration proposes to transfer the site to the Dyrup factory

“Since Friday evening, in collaboration with the top management of the company, we have been looking for a solution to allow production to restart as quickly as possible,” says Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil, president of the Agglomeration who has economic expertise. “We have proposed that the company move to the premises of the former Dyrup factory. Today the site belongs to the Albigensian conurbation. The advantage is that they are close to Chevillot and immediately available to relocate production and allow for a rapid relaunch of orders ”, she summarizes. “Let’s be clear. Nothing has been done. We are proposing. It is up to the club to decide. They know they have this fast and functional possibility made available by the agglomeration”, concludes Stéphanie Guiraud-Chaumeil.

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