Albi ceramics is entering the interior decoration market

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The firm wishes to develop its range and creativity by launching new products related to interior decoration. A range of candles will be launched.

Although the reputation of Albi’s ceramics is well established, direct sales to individuals account for only 6% of them. The company therefore wants to develop new ranges of products for interiors. A new collection will be released every year.

For 2023, make way for the candles. The shapes, quite innovative and modern, will be finalized this week. The last little touches are being made. Employees give their opinion on the selection of 18 shapes and 4 sizes in total. There must be something for everyone. Those who love purity, those who love patterns… “There will be an ephemeral seasonal line, a permanent one”, underlines Lore Camillo.

The company has been awarded the French label of excellence.

The employees have been working there since November. 18 organic flavors have been selected according to the seasons. Almost 1,500 candles will thus be placed on the market. They can be found in ceramics, in some tourist offices, online and in French concept stores.

Next year we will switch to natural soaps. Ceramics producing ranges of soap dishes. And after that, place the tableware.

The American market

“Our customers have been waiting for lines of decorations for the home and for the interior for some time,” explains Lore Camillo. “It is important to renew our creativity, it brings us”, he adds.

The company’s products are now distributed in 800 stores. He wants to expand his sales area by “attacking” florists, landscapers and furniture stores. as well as export. In the US to start.

The work of ceramics is a real know-how.

The work of ceramics is a real know-how.

At the same time, the ceramics want to put the pack on broadcast and training. Pottery wants to revive intergenerational courses. Tailor-made courses where grandparents and grandchildren can learn to handle the lathe.

“Tourism of know-how”

More will be offered to children on Wednesday afternoons each week and once a month to adults. “In the more distant future, we want to become a training center,” says Lore Camillo.

The ceramics also want to develop the “tourism of know-how”. The goal would be to receive one group per week. “When they visit the laboratories, people become our best ambassadors,” assures Lore Camillo.

Finally, the ceramics will launch phase two of their industrial plan for the future. With a frame of mind to make all employees in France and Navarre dream: “do less and do better”.

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