Agglomeration: a serene budget orientation debate at the CCTA

This report – which will soon be available on the community of municipalities website – gave rise to a debate recorded with a resolution.

A first reference to the context and provisions on the community contained in the 2023 budget (tariff shield, new zoning of the tax on vacant housing, revaluation of the tax base to 7.1%, Green Fund, etc.).

From a local point of view, it should be noted that, for the Community of Municipalities Tarn Agout (CCTA), the year 2022 has seen an increase in revenue slightly higher than the increase in expenses.

During the intervention, the supplementary budgets were reviewed. The APT saw its adjustment contribution increase from €226,000 to €164,000, leisure hospitality without accommodation saw its collections increase by €45,000 due to the increase in attendance, while the slight reduction in the Caf subsidy for young children it was partly compensated by contributions from families.

The O Pastel inter-municipal aquatic center has an operating cost of € 2,450.50 per day it is open.

However, this is only a balance after only ten months from the opening and while all the agents were hired only during the year. It is therefore difficult at the moment to draw a conclusive assessment of the real budget for this equipment.

After these supplementary budgets, the CCTA’s main budget was reviewed. In terms of revenues, last year was characterized by the reduction in company asset contributions – partially offset by tax offsets – and by the 600,000 euro increase in household taxes linked to the revaluation of land and the increase in building land.

Very low debt

As for the savings chain, its level is now at the same height as before 2020 and the period of turbulence linked to the measures taken against CoVid-19.

But it is in the debt sector that the budget presented is notable.

While the ratio recommended by the Fiscal Planning Act is less than 12 years, the debt reduction capacity of the CCTA is now just over two and a half years.

As regards the debt, it currently amounts to 188 euros per inhabitant against an average of 692 euros per inhabitant for equivalent structures.

The debates took place in a very calm atmosphere. This presented budget will undoubtedly enable the budget to be prepared in a peaceful manner. This will be presented in public session on April 11th.

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