ADVISE. SNCF tickets too expensive? Our tips for cheap train tickets

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During the big holidays, the price of the train ticket often makes you shiver. There are, however, some techniques for reducing the bill. Examples.

If train tickets seem more and more expensive, there are techniques to reduce the cost and save money. The best known and safest is to do it in advance. With the SNCF last minute reservations do not work, unlike the plane. For school holidays it is therefore advisable to buy tickets when they open, i.e. three or four months in advance. Being flexible can also be beneficial, in terms of times and dates. Leaving on Thursday at 8am does not cost the same price as Friday at 5pm.

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There are also apps and websites that allow you to compare train tickets. This is the case, for example, of KelBillet, Omio or Kombo, which offer to look at the price of trips according to dates and times to find the best slot at the best price. With SNCF opening up to competition and the arrival of Italian (Trenitalia) and Spanish (Renfe) companies on the market, comparing prices with those of the French company’s rivals may be a good idea. We remind you that for internet searches some sites record some of your data. We recommend tracking in private browsing mode or clearing your web page cache (delete browsing data).

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OuiGo is also a cheap alternative to fast long-distance trains. This low-cost version of the TGV, launched in 2013, allows you to reach several large cities at low cost. Like an airline, though, you’ll have to pay for Wi-Fi, extra space, bigger bags… Anything extra will cost you more, but the service regularly offers promotional offers. Finally, signing up for a subscription also allows you to save up to 30% on some trips. The advantage card is useful if you take the train several times a year and is chosen according to your profile (youth card, MAX, senior, freedom, etc.).

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