A young man from Toulouse brought the fight for the climate to the youth G7

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Last April, delegates representing France at the G7 youth meeting presented their recommendations to the Japanese Prime Minister for the attention of G7 political leaders. Amine Messal, 24 years old and originally from Toulouse, heads the French delegation and brings the voice of young people on the climate issue.

To be heard by the greats of this world. This is the aim of the Y7 delegates – who represent France at the G7 Youth. They therefore decided to focus their recommendations on the points that seem essential to them: the climate issue, sustainable development… Amine Messal, originally from Toulouse, went to meet two classes from the Saint Sernin high school in Toulouse, where he himself was educated , to collect their proposals on these issues.

“The goal is to provide recommendations that come from young people”

“This generation has this paradoxical challenge which is to persevere in a form of strong and radical commitment as opposed to too slow and nuanced political actions, while continuing to study to be an agrégé or senior civil servant, because that’s how it goes that we will be able to make things happen. We need a new political generation”, assures the young man.

It would be naive for him to believe that each of their proposals will be accepted and listened to. However, “global governance is needed” despite its slow pace because the climate is “a subject that overflows the basin”.

“We need a policy of dismantling and adaptation measures”

One of the measures brought to Y7 is the help provided by the government to train professionals to reorient themselves to new sectors that will need more manpower. “It is inevitable that sectors will close”, but new sectors will emerge alongside them and will experience “incredible growth”.

The challenge of government policy is therefore “to combine the policy of dismantling with a massive reorientation of people” continues Amine. The A69 project between Toulouse and Castre is “a project from another century”; so says the young man. According to him, absolutely to be abandoned because “it locks us into a decade of car addiction”. He therefore believes that it is necessary to take into account demand but also “act on supply”, giving people “solutions other than fossil fuels”.

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