A young man from the Tarn shines in the Best Apprentice of France competition

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Originally from Giroussens, 17-year-old Dorian Goxe stood out in the last regional and departmental competition for the best apprentice in France in zinc roofing. A nice reward for this Tarnais who is now preparing for the Tour de France of his team mates.

It took 4 months of work for Dorian, a final year student of the zinc roofing CAP, to make his own zinc finial. A piece of ornament usually placed atop a steeple or roof.

For his work, the young man was awarded two medals: departmental gold and regional silver at the Best Apprentice competition in France. “It’s a great pride,” explains the apprentice, who made this piece as well as training him.

His father, also a zincist in Giroussens, knows that such a reward is not trivial: “Not everyone takes the initiative to participate, it’s a very technical event”. He also knows that this type of competition represents a real opportunity. “At his age I didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this kind of thing.”

Dorian, you’ve learned a lot. Assembling this piece will have required a lot of thought. Upstream, working on drawings and models, then downstream, putting together a complete technical sheet on his manual approach. The piece is exhibited at the town hall of Giroussens to the delight of the mayor Gilles Turlan: “we are happy to have young people like Dorian. Putting them forward is normal”.

This “challenge”, as the young man likes to call it, is undoubtedly only the first of a long series. The Giroussinais prepares for the Tour de France des Compagnons. A trip offered to graduate apprentices to discover the different working methods in the four corners of France. His aim: to master his craft down to the smallest detail.

Meanwhile, the future roofer has a year to prepare for this big ride. This is called “preparatory” which allows youngsters to see what awaits them in this famous Tour de France, which can last up to 8 years.

three years of travel

Each year, students are required to create a project or piece in their spare time, such as the pinnacle to showcase their evolving skills. This preparation is essential in his father’s eyes: “He’ll work Monday to Saturday with personal results to prepare, it’s a hell of a pace.”

Dorian is eager to discover the different cities and their materials. “In Paris the roofs are not made like in Rodez”. During his tour in France, he also hopes to work on the loom and thus broaden his palette.

“At the moment I have at least 3 years of travel planned,” explains the young man. Then he intends to return to settle in the Tarn to work with his father and, why not, take over the family business.

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