A very busy shopping week in the city center of Agen at the end of March

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From Friday 24 March to Saturday 1 April, the spring 2023 commercial week will have a busy schedule to brighten up life in the city center of Agen.

Traders and the city of Agen will collaborate for the third edition of the trade week, which will start on Friday 24 March and end on Saturday 1um April.

The first edition took place during the Covid-19 period. From now on, the merchants want to revitalize the city for the onset of sunny days.

The first day will take place in music with Mayu’s concert in Place Wilson at 5pm, which launches this week. The next day, this venue will also host two events. From 3pm to 4.30pm, a major fashion show will highlight the new collections with a very glamorous page dedicated to weddings. An event that will also be held on the closing day, at the same time. These allusions to marriage are not insignificant, during this market week of spring 2023.

A wedding in preparation

Alexandra Greco, president of the tradesmen and craftsmen union of Agen, confirms that plans are underway to set up a special wedding day in Agen next year. “We want to highlight all the actors of the wedding: the hairdressers, the beauticians, the creators and creators of the wedding dresses and also the prêt-à-porter shops”. On Place Wilson, the afternoon of Saturday 25 March will be enlivened by “Les Percut’heures”.

On Wednesday 29 March, from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, the street of the heroes of the Resistance will be animated by children who will have the opportunity to draw chalk drawings on the ground. The theme will be spring. Simultaneously, in Place Wilson, children will once again be able to take pictures with the Paw Patrol mascots and the Columbus café bear.

Make customers happy

Place Wilson will once again host a street concert, this time on Friday 31st March at 5pm with Floriane Tiozzo. “We really realized that people really liked these outdoor concerts,” explains Alexandra Greco. Finally, after the parade on the last day, “Les Percut’heures” will reappear, Wilson square from 2pm to 5pm.

“We are working together to try and bring this downtown area to life. It is through actions like these that we can demonstrate that merchants are truly there and ready to please potential customers.” The president of the union of merchants and craftsmen of Agen wants to “involve the Agenais” in the life of the city.

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