A Tarn stallion, awarded a “Rocco d’Argent” for his breeding performance

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Hubert Mauillon’s horse ranks the same performances on mares as on the Auteuil hurdles before… Last year, he made 185 showings at 6,500 euros each. A company awarded with a national prize: the “Rocco d’Argent 2022”.

Nirvana du Berlais, Hubert Mauillon’s horse, is an investment that can be defined as juicy. Bought for €65,000 as a colt, the Auteuil champion brought €320,000 to the race when he was ridden. Now he earns much more since he is the one who goes up.

Because the projection of the cador is invoiced for 6,500 euros. Covers mares with the energy he used to jump over obstacles. “The first year made 123 projections, the second 145 and 185 in 2022. This year we will stop at 195 to preserve the source,” explains its owner.

The leader among jumping stallions

The liberal theory of the ballot is therefore working full steam ahead for Nirvana du Berlais, even if, from turnover to gross margin, there are all the stings related to the nutritional and sanitary maintenance of the equine seed company. Nirvana, who leads the mares there five to six times a day from mid-February to the end of June, thus won the “Rocco d’Argent 2022” (it can’t be invented) for the stallion, passed on the finish line with a final push of Zelzal (189 covered mares).

“But Zelzal is a flat horse. In the jumping stallion category, Nirvana is the leader” specifies Hubert Mauillon who witnessed his first victory in Auteuil on November 3, 2019, the day of… Saint-Hubert! “I saw a sign there.”

His father was already “Rocco d’Or”

Nirvana du Berlais has particle and ancestry: his father Martaline, who died shortly before his triumph, had been “Rocco d’Or” and had been in the breeding for twenty-six years. “In the last fifteen years it was 20,000 euros per screening,” slips Hubert Mauillon, with a greedy eye.

The Nirvanas are also very fast in this register. The story lasts from ten to fifteen minutes, in the Haras de la Hêtraie, in Normandy, where French, English and Irish mares pay him a courtesy visit every day in winter and spring. Then, he’s on the lawn and in the box the rest of the year for a true warrior’s rest.

Hubert Mauillon, classified supermarket, rejected in his commercial projects in Gaillac, is dedicated to his oyster farms and his horses. Léon du Berlais is ready to take over the Hub de Montmirail stable: Sunday on the Auteuil hurdles at the Prix Aguado waiting to find him one day on the most beautiful mares in Europe.

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